Is All Hope Really Lost for Teens Today?

I often hear adults say that teenagers are much worse today than they were "back in my day." They go on to use examples of the celebrity teens, drug and alcohol issues, disrespect, bullying, etc. While much of those issues are nothing to ignore, I have a different perspective. Let me explain with a couple recent examples.

What are Your Hardest Times in Youth Ministry?

When I think back to the past several years in youth ministry (almost 10 years, if you count the years as a volunteer when I started college), there have been many times when I thought, "This is the hardest time." However, it seems that another always comes along. What does this mean? I think people … Continue reading What are Your Hardest Times in Youth Ministry?

YM Resource – Teen Chat Decoder Dictionary

If you are a youth worker or parent and have ever asked yourself, "What does that even mean?" when a teen sends you a text message, then this tool is for you. With the way culture is going, teenagers have even began moving "text speak" into their everyday spoken language. So, if you need help deciphering what … Continue reading YM Resource – Teen Chat Decoder Dictionary

Student-Parent Small Groups

So, an idea that has been running through my head since a couple weeks ago is this idea of students and parents in the same small group at church.  I can only wonder how this could benefit families growing together in their faith. This all has to do with trying to blur those lines.  I … Continue reading Student-Parent Small Groups

Ministry Update 8-21-2009

It's been a while since I've updated everyone on the ministry here at RCC (both Student Ministry and my other "hats" I wear), so here you go. We're in the process of figuring out growth strategies right now at RCC.  Not only people growth, but building growth, as we seek to build our first building … Continue reading Ministry Update 8-21-2009

The Bridge Weekend Update 2-15-2009

I'm so proud of my students!  I'm also really excited about our new programs here at RCC.  We just split the middle school and high school up into two separate groups today called "The Path" and "The Bridge" respectively.  Two of our high school students have been collaborating on a video series we've called The … Continue reading The Bridge Weekend Update 2-15-2009