As the old saying goes, I’ve got bad news and good news.  I will say that the good far outweighs the bad, but I have the desire to share both.

So, first with the “bad news,” as it were…  All of you know I just moved out here to NH this past October.  This is the first time I have ever moved out of state, and let me tell you, it is quite an experience in many ways.  The most recent was the process of switching over my (for the lack of a better word) “citizenship” from IL to NH.  I finally got my new drivers license and license plates for my car.  However, here in NH, you are required to have a vehicle inspection every year.  Now, in the long run, this is probably a lot safer for our environment and does make sure your vehicle is in good working condition, but the problem for me is that NH laws state window tinting lower than 35% is not allowed (click to see law).  So, to make a long story short, I am in the process of removing all my window tint from my car.  I hope to soon have the NH legal stuff soon, but for now…it’s back to factory style windows.

Ok, on to the better news…  Basically, God is doing some awesome stuff out here.  One of our Youth Leaders was just baptized this past Thursday!  It is really cool to see God working in her life.  Also, two of the three teens who went to Camp Berea with us a couple weeks ago are ready to be baptized soon!  In addition, I had a great time with some of the middle school students this past Saturday.  We took a ski trip to Pat’s Peak.  I tried snowboarding for the 2nd time in my life…and wow, am I sore today, but I finally was able to master the art of stopping.  Another one of our Youth Leaders at RCC found out she and her husband are having a baby.  All in all, life is pretty good here, because God is good.

If you haven’t checked out my “video page” lately, you should.  I put a video tour of my new apartment that Mark (my roommate) and I just moved into earlier this month.

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