So, I had quite the weekend.  However, as it typically goes, there was bad news too.  So, two really cool things happened, but unfortunately, one bad thing also happened.  I’ll start with the bad.

Billy (our worship minister at RCC) asked me to fill in for him this week, because he was filling in for another worship minister at a sister church.  I was quite nervous, but things were going pretty good.  But right before our second service starts, my guitar strap slips off and my guitar lands on the stage.  I think nothing about it, and just re-tune.  Little did I know that it landed right on the cord and basically jammed the whole pick-up plug right through.  Now I have a hole in my guitar (in addition to the one that’s supposed to be there).  I’m going to see what it’ll take to get that fixed, but supposedly the church is going to pay for it.  Thank you God!

Now onto the good news:

On Saturday, my roommate (Mark), one of the high school students (Ace), and I drove down to Worcester, MA, for a video game tournament.  On top of that, it was pretty much a snow-storm.  But this wasn’t just any video game tournament.  It was for Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” for Wii.  It comes out on March 9, but we got to play it on Mar. 1.  Only the first 256 people were allowed in this regional tournament put on by Nintendo and Best Buy.  Ace and I won our 1st round matches but lost in the 2nd round.  It was so much fun, and I can’t wait until the game comes out.  You can check out some videos I took on my YouTube Page and some more pictures on my Facebook Photo Album.  Ace was interviewed by the video game website “,” and you can see him by clicking here (about the 58 second mark, you can see all 3 of us).  I am in two pictures on Joystiq’s coverage of the tournament.  Click here and you will see me on the far left machine (#5) in the striped hat and gray shirt.

Probably the best news from the weekend was that one of our high school students (Ryan) was baptized at Youth Group Sunday.  It was really awesome!  He’s so on fire for Christ, and I definitely believe God is going to do some amazing things through him, as He can do through all of us if we let Him.  Please pray for him as we all know, Satan is not happy about this at all!  But the angels in heaven are rejoicing with God the Father right now!!  I only have video of the baptism right now, but I hope to soon have a couple pictures.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for visiting once again.  God bless!

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