As Easter week approaches, my mind turns to Christ’s resurrection (as it should).  However, I’m going to make it a goal this year to really focus on this a lot more.  Why?  Because I’ve come to realize that this momentous occasion is the crux of my faith.  The fact that Christ was not just born and then he died, but He conquered death, makes all the difference in the world.  So prayerfully, this year I am making it my goal to recognize this more.  Because it is more important than, dare I say, anything else — the fact that I’m away from my family for another Easter, the fact that sometimes other people just frustrate me (you all know the feeling), the fact that I’ve got so many things to do this week, and the list goes on and on.  None of these things matter when you realize that we have a God who rose from the dead.  Like Stuart Hall has said before, I will never be 100% sure that what I believe is true until I die, but the fact that this God I believe in rose from the dead is awesome.  In a way, it wouldn’t matter what he taught, I’d still follow the guy who wouldn’t let death itself hold Him back.

As I look forward to this next week, I’ve got lots of things to do with the ministry here.  We’ve got our high school ski trip to Loon Mountain this Saturday.  We’ve got the Week of E Mission team from Lincoln Christian College coming in this weekend and staying until next Saturday.  Yvette is here until Easter.  The youth group is going bowling (LCC students joining) on Sunday.  I’ll be doing outreach things with the LCC group on Monday and Tuesday, and taking them out on Thursday.  I’m playing on the worship band this Sunday.  We’re doing a special Maundy Thursday gathering for the youth.  We’re doing a Good Friday gathering for the entire church.  I’ve got to get engagement pictures taken while Yvette’s out here.  Needless to say, life is going to be CRAZY BUSY these next couple weeks.  I really need your prayers for God to help me stay sane.

However here are some praises:

  1. Another high school student was baptized this past Sunday!
  2. My guitar was fixed, and for pretty cheap I might say.
  3. Yvette is here until Easter!
  4. I have finished my first newsletter, and I will soon be sending it out in an email and postal mail to family, friend, churches, and others who are supporting me.
  5. I finally have my first church that has picked me up for regular missionary support!

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