So, this past week or so has been crazy busy, but in the end, it was great!  I will attempt to recap the past few days as to catch you all up with what’s been going on out here.  One of the coolest parts was the fact that Yvette was out here for the majority of the time.

— On Sunday (16th), we had 296 in worship.  That afternoon, we took the students candlepin bowling.  We had a total of 34 (including everyone).  The LCC Week of E team came along, and it was the first time they had ever been candlepin bowling.

— I led the LCC Week of E team on Monday afternoon to help with the food pantry at RCC and then to the soup kitchen at one of the Baptist churches in Derry.  This was a great time, and 2 of our high school girls came along.

— On Wednesday, I watched American Idol with Yvette, Rob, Christine, and Christine (& Matt’s) parents that night.  It felt great to be watching it in a group again (as I did last season in Lincoln).

— Thursday was the ONE (Operation New England) Conference, where I played guitar in the worship band.  I also was able to connect with a few other youth ministers up here.  We’re working on doing a middle school camping trip this summer, and maybe a trip to Six Flags.

— Friday was spent working in the morning and then attempting to take engagement photos that afternoon.  However, the wind was so strong, we weren’t able to do as much as we’d like to.  Maybe more this summer…

— The big community “egg hunt” was on Saturday.  It was a really big success.  I know I have nothing to compare it to, but it seemed like everything went really well.  We probably had around 1,000 people come (including both RCC people and many many others).  Click here for a video recap of the event.

— Saturday night marked the time Yvette and I would finally work on wedding stuff.  I’ll tell you one thing — it’s going to be difficult to keep this relatively small and simple.  Suggestions for keeping it this way (and cheap) are welcomed!

— On Sunday, we had a record 375 in attendance at RCC.  Manchester Christian Church had about 3,700.  Reunion Christian Church in Boston also had a great week.  Please pray that we are able to follow-up with all these guests.  Later that day, Yvette went back home, and I went to the worship minister’s house for a relaxing and funny time.

Now, I get to finally relax!  It’s a shame that Yvette is gone now, though.  Life was so busy when she was here, but now that things have died down, she’s gone.  Isn’t that just how it works, though?  Oh well.  I am flying back to see her on her birthday in April.  Well, I think that’s it for now.  Well, I’d also like you to pray for my upcoming meetings with the adult Youth Leaders and with the high school students (and parents) this coming Sunday.  Each are important times.  Thanks!

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