This is not my usual blog (talking about my life & ministry), but I felt the need to express my thoughts.  I also believe I will begin to do this more often, so I hope this is all right with all of you readers.

Anyhow, tonight on American Idol’s “Idol Gives Back” (which was an amazing picture of what we can do if we set our minds to it — feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, treating the sick, etc.), the top 8 finalists sang “Shout to the Lord” as the final song for the evening.  I’m not sure what is going on.  Honestly, I sat there staring at the television in awe for half the song.  I know a few of the finalists this year are Christians, and I know that the whole point of “Idol Gives Back” is serving, but this is still a shock.  I’m not sure what the producers were thinking.  I’ve read other blogs where people are saying it was just a ploy to get Christians to watch the show.  I’m not sure I agree with this wholeheartedly.  I’m not sure what to think, but I know that God was honored and His word was spread.  It had to be.  This is one of the most watched shows ever, and everyone watching heard the words to this song.  Now, whether they actually paid attention is one thing, but there was potential.  In addition, just last week, during the country week on Idol (with Dolly Parton as their mentor), we heard several songs about Jesus.  Like, I’ve said several times so far, I’m not sure what is really going on, but I’m really excited about the potential here.  Seeds are being spread.  Also, I was really excited to hear about the millions of dollars that were raised through this event to help the needy/hungry all over the world.  Anyhow, what is your thoughts about this?  I’d love to hear/read them.

As an afterthought, [concerning “Shout to the Lord”] I do remember that they changed the 2nd word of the verse to “Shepherd” instead of “Jesus.”  Many bloggers seem to be going crazy about this.  In my opinion, just taking the name of Jesus out of the song does not take Jesus out.  The whole idea of our Christian God is throughout the song.  Not to mention, the song is not Scripture or even Sacred.  It’s just a song.  I have taken a “yeah, that’s too bad, but I still see the good that God can do through it” view on this whole thing.  What about you?

Click here to view a video of the song on YouTube (and, no it is not my copy of the video nor my account).

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