So, as I sit down last night to watch patiently, hoping that my favorites are not voted off…I hear Ryan say that the Idols are singing “Shout to the Lord” AGAIN.  So, after all the interesting things I heard and read after Wednesday night’s performance, I was intrigued to hear they actually said “Jesus” this time instead of “Shepherd” during the verse.  I’m so confused.  Not only because they changed the word back to what it was supposed to be, but because they sang this song TWICE!  All I can do is pray that God will use this seed planted on national television.  As I talked about it with the group I watch AI with, we wondered if people even know what this song is about.  Are people even listening to the words the contestants are singing?  If so, then they are hearing a message from God Himself.

I now want to share thoughts on 2 different issues (still dealing with this topic).

First, I think it’s funny that people are annoyed by this.  No, I think it’s funny that Christians are annoyed by this.  I just read a blog by a proclaimed Catholic, who said she does not turn on the TV to be evangelized to.  She also share how ridiculous it was to make the contestants sing a song that maybe not all of them agree with.  Here are my thoughts…  Everything we hear has a message.  Therefore, every song the contestants sings is potentially something they do not agree with.  Not to mention, people who hear those songs are being sent a message.  I think the only reason people are getting upset this go around is because it was a “religious” message.  This makes me upset.  Ahhh!

Now on to the second (and more happy) issue.  Whether the AI producers, singers, or whoever intended this, God’s message is being proclaimed.  And for that, I am truly happy.  I do not know the motives of those who make decisions like this, but like Paul in Philippians 1:15-18, I rejoice.  I rejoice, because Christ is preached, and God can use this.  That’s what I pray — for God to use this.  I also pray that God will surround nonbelievers with Christians who can show them who this Jesus really is (through actions, love, and teaching).  So, will we just sit around and think, “oh that was cool,” or will we get out there and show the world who this Jesus is they heard about on American Idol?  The choice is up to us…

Your thoughts…???

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