I was just informed by our Preaching Intern, Rob McKinney, that the daughter of an LCC staff member died.  Not to go into all the details (mainly because I do not know all of them), I want to catch you all up on this story.  Brian Mills and his family came to LCC my junior year.  They were my dorm parents (Titus Hall).  Brian has since moved on to another position (VP of Student Development, I think).  While living in the same building as them, I got to know their family pretty well.  One thing we all knew was that their youngest child, Regan, was severely handicapped.  She was young, but seemed much younger.  She could not walk or see.  She also had other problems.  The Mills’ had dealt with these issues ever since she was born, I believe.  They have been to the hospital numerous times, staying up all night worrying about their little girl.  The fact that she is now gone from this world takes my thoughts in two directions.

The first is why God allows children to be born like this.  I know it’s because of sin in the world, but it’s still tough to witness.  Nevertheless, He allows it.  To top it off, I’ve heard from many people (and I’m pretty sure I agree) that He entrusts these children to special parents that He believes can take care of these special children.  I think that is awesome!  I know beyond anything that the Mills’ were that kind of family.  God knew they could handle it, and boy did they handle it.  If anything else, they will always serve as a model for me as I raise my family.  I don’t know if God will consider me good enough to take care of a special child like Regan.  Part of me hopes He will, but I’ve got to say that I hope Yvette and I do not have to.  I personally do not know if I’m up for something like that, but I do know that it is not me but God working through me.  As you can tell, I go back and forth on this.

The second thought I have about this is that I am overjoyed with the realization that she is running around and seeing everything in heaven right now!  That is awesome!  I cannot wait to the day where I can see her again, run through the streets of gold, and worship our Father for eternity.  (I’m seriously crying right now as I write this…and I don’t cry.)  I can’t wait for Brian to be able to see his daughter again and feel her arms wrap around him.  I can’t wait to hear her sing songs of joy and worship to God.  But until that day comes, I will pray for her family who is left behind — that they will feel peace in knowing they will someday see her again, and never have to say goodbye, EVER!  Sometimes I think I’m crazy for wanting things in this world.  I want to get married, I want to own a house, I want to go buy Mario Kart for the Wii next week, I want to……  In the end, it is all meaningless when it compares to the fact that we will all see God someday.  Regan knows what that’s like, because she can truly see now!

To read a blog written by Regan’s mom, Chantell, click here.

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