So much has happened spiritually these past couple weeks.  It’s crazy to think how God brings you to certain places in life.  Sometimes you feel like He is there but not active, while other times you see Him working so much.  I have several things to share with all of you, so please pardon this slightly longer blog.  I will work in reverse.

Yvette just left, heading back to Illinois to finish her seminary classes.  It’s been great having her out here this summer, partnering in ministry together.  I cannot wait until she is back after the wedding in January!  Until then, I need to continue leaning upon God, asking Him to strengthen both of us as we prepare to fully partner in God’s work.  I ask you to do the same.

Last week, I went to a satellite simulcast of Willow Creek Church’s “Leadership Summit” in Greenland, NH.  I was only able to go Friday, but that was enough for me.  The speakers kept hitting me right where I was all day long.  I really appreciated Craig Groeschel, from  He seemed to be speaking directly to me and my needs.  I hope to speak to him someday and thank him for allowing God to use him like that.  The most significant thing I learned that day is that I need to get closer to Jesus.  I know it sounds obvious and simple, but so often we miss that in ministry.  If we are to lead others to Christ, then we need to be as close as possible to Him.  And no matter what, we need to keep putting ourselves in situations where God can continue to break our hearts.  And even when we don’t feel His presence or see Him working, we need to love Him all the more…like He’s never been loved before!

As I close, I want to share a link with you.  Please check out Steven Curtis Chapman’s website by clicking here.  Please read the article from People Magazine.  Watch the interview on Good Morning America and Larry King Live.  If you want God to break your heart and to show you a family that truly knows Him, check out this story!  For those of you who do not know…back in May, one of the Chapman’s sons accidentally ran over their youngest daughter in their driveway.  It is such a tragic story, but it is awesome to see their faith through this.

Any thoughts, prayers, or whatever???  Please share!

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