So, I finally found myself using the New England slang term “wicked” on Sunday as I was describing to Yvette how dreadfully hot it was here.  She was back in Illinois for a wedding.  And while she was dodging thunderstorms and floods, I was swimming in sweat.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was pretty hot.  It’s so weird having these really hot days, especially after a bitterly cold and snow filled winter.  After spending a day at Canobie Lake Park (an amusement park in Salem) on Saturday, and being busy with church and youth group stuff Sunday, I was warn out on top of being wicked hot.  So, naturally, I spent yesterday out by the pool at my apartment.  It was great — nice and relaxing!  It’s funny how people are complaining about the humidity, though.  Heck, I’m used to it, growing up in Illinois.

So how are you spending the beginning of what seems to be a pretty warm summer?

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