As of last night, I am now a veteran of Camp Create.  For those of you who do not know, Rockingham Christian Church (the one I work for) puts on a summer arts camp for pre-school and elementary-age children every summer.  This is similar to a Vacation Bible School, but it focuses big time on the arts.  We had over 200 children attend this year.  It was held at Salem High School.  I was in charge of several things for the week (game director, devotion preparation, leader of teens’ final project, and camera operator).  All in all, it was a GREAT week, and the kids loved it!  They were able to learn about our amazing God and some of the “superheroes” of the Bible.  The theme superhero was different everyday.  We covered Moses, Sampson, Esther, David, and Jesus.  Each day, the children rotated from one class to another with their team leaders.  They had an hour of art, music, theater, creative writing, devotions, and games mixed in with snack time and lunch.  At the end of each day, the kids would pick their favorite creative art to go back to for a second time.  During that time, they would work on their final project that would be presented during the closing program on Friday night.  The camp ran from 9am-3:30pm every day this week (pre-school was finished at noon).

I, however, am very tired.  It’s amazing how much a week of camp takes out of me anymore.  The only bad part of this whole thing is that I seemed to have scheduled myself so crazy this summer, I will not get to rest much until late July.  I am getting ready to go on a Middle School camping trip this Monday through Wednesday, then off to Workcamp New England with the High School students (July 6-12), and then back to Illinois to work a week of 3-4th grade camp at SICSC while fundraising for my ministry (July 12-18).  Please pray for me to have the energy I need.

Our teens also did a final project for the closing program — a movie, entitled “Dodgeballs of Doom.”  I posted it on YouTube.  I’ve also posted some pictures of Camp Create on my Photos page.  Be sure to check them out.

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