So, I just got back from a week of WorkCamp in Brandon, VT.  This was the first time RCC has been to WorkCampNE, and we took 7 students and 4 adults to participate in a week of service projects.  The theme centered on putting ourselves third, behind God and others.  There was an ongoing idea to stay humble and serve others — just as Jesus did.  As we arrived at Otter Valley Union High School (where we stayed for the week), we met up with students from other churches in the area and other places.  For instance, the crew I led was made up of students from Salem, NH; Londonderry, NH; Nashua, NH; and Huntington, IN.  As you could tell, we all split up into different crews.  The group I led was to scrape and paint part of a house and shed.  We also had to re-roof a lean-to in the back of the house.  At least, that was our assignment.  What we did not know were two things.  The first was how many wasps and hornets lived at this house.  We spent a great deal of our time spraying nests and running away.  The second was that the man of the house was struggling with lung cancer.  By the end of the week, we had plenty of time to visit with him and his wife.  We even prayed for him before we left.  They were very appreciative of all the work we were able to do for them.

Overall, it was a GREAT experience.  Not only for the students, but for all the adults too.  We had several that made some significant decisions for Christ this week.  As a Youth Minister, you can probably tell this makes me ecstatic.  I only pray that they are able to take this experience back with them.  It’s always tough to head back home after a good week like this.  Your typical day is not scheduled like it is at a camp, retreat, or mission trip.  It is up to you to meet with God everyday and make sure you serve others.  As I reflect back to my personal experience at WorkCamp, I can only wonder how much the world would change if we, as Christians, acted like we are supposed to.  If we actually put God and others before ourselves, how much would that change others’ perception of us?  If we truly loved our neighbor as ourselves, what could that do for the Kingdom of God?  I can only think that it could rock the world…turning it completely upside-down.

This week, I am off to Illinois to do some fundraising for my ministry.  I will be speaking to individual Sunday School classes at First Christian Church in West Frankfort (my home church), and I will be leading worship and speaking at Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp.

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