I just finished up my time at camp, and let me tell you, it was great!  I started by speaking to various Sunday School classes at First Christian Church in West Frankfort (thanking them for their support).  I then went to camp that afternoon.  I led worship music and spoke during the missions time.  I was able to share some info about ministry in New England, and inspire some kids to partner with me in doing ministry there.  I told them it is really cool that they can give money and pray, which is an amazing way to partner with the ministry.  But the coolest thing is what God did this week.  The kids were awesome, and it was great to hear them singing so loud during worship time.  Quite often, I just stepped away from the microphone and let them sing their little hearts out.  It was incredible!  The family group I led (with help from 4 other faculty members) was great too.  We had the most memory verses, and we had 3 kids from our family who decided to accept Jesus as their Savior.  One was even baptized at camp, and she asked me to do it.  It was really cool, because this girl was in my family last year, and I’ve been able to see her grow so much since then.  I can truly tell God is going to use her to do amazing stuff for His Kingdom!  PLEASE pray for her (and all these kids), as I’m sure Satan is not happy about this at all.  I will soon be heading back to New Hampshire after I spend a little bit of time with my family and some more time with the youth group from FCC in West Frankfort.

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