So, I’m sitting in the Holiday Inn in Chicago right now.  For those of you who have been keeping up with my travels, you know I should be in New Hampshire by now.  Well, that’s not the case because of a late flight from St. Louis to Chicago.  I ran across the airport, along with half my flight companions, to find out I just missed my airplane.  After a lot of confusion on my part, I was finally able to find some people who helped me.  This long story ends with United Airlines giving me a voucher for Holiday Inn, where I am now lying on my bed writing this blog.  Unfortunately, the earliest flight I’m guaranteed is a 5:50pm flight tomorrow.  I am on standby all day tomorrow, though, with my earliest possibility at 7:50am.  Please pray that I am able to get on that flight.  Of course, I will still miss church, but hopefully I will get back in time for the youth group’s pool party tomorrow at 4pm.  I also don’t want to be in the O’Hare airport all day long waiting on flights.  Any other time, this wouldn’t be so bad…but the timing on this one sure stinks!

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