As I sit here and think about all the work I need to do, I am drawn to ask for prayer.  You see, my roommate (Mark) and I will soon be heading back to IL for a week of “vacation,” where I will see our families and pick up my fiance.  Yvette will be staying in Boston this summer working for Sojourn Collegiate Ministries.  Anyhow, as I prepare for this long road trip, I am bombarded by the amount of research I must do before I leave.  This research must be done, because the books are due back this month.  And since I’m going to soon be in IL, I thought it’d be a good time to return those books.  I am seriously not wanting to do this.  Why does a thesis have to be so difficult?  Haha!  Couldn’t it just be as simple as one of those 5-7 page papers you write in college your freshman year?  Well, I doubt the Seminary is going to let me turn in something like that…so I ask for your prayers.  Not only for this thesis, but also for my upcoming road trip.  I will be leaving on Sunday after church and returning on Saturday night.  For those of you who will want to meet up, here’s my idea of a schedule (as it looks right now).

Sunday – Church & driving

Monday – Spend time with family in West Frankfort and sleep

Tuesday – Spend time with family & friends in West Frankfort

Wednesday – Spend time with family & drive to Lincoln

Thursday – Spend time with friends in Lincoln

Friday – Pick up Yvette, see her family, & start to drive back

Saturday – Arrive back in New Hampshire and sleep

If you want to spend time with me while I’m around, I’d advise you give me a call or facebook message ASAP so I can “schedule” you in.

Thanks for the prayers!

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