So, from what I hear, it is the women who are supposed to be having all of these dreams and nightmares about their wedding.  Well, call me a girl if you will, but I had my first last night.  It was kind of weird for a couple reasons.  Number one was because I actually dreamt at all.  It seems Yvette always has dreams, but I hardly ever do.  Number two was that I remembered most of the details, which never happens.  Usually when I wake up, I forget most everything.  So, of course, I quickly grabbed my computer and wrote it down.  Ha!  I sound like such I nerd when I say that.  Anyhow, here’s the dream.

It started as the day before the wedding.  How had it gotten here so fast?  (And apparently the wedding was in December in my dream.)  Then all the sudden it was that day.  I was at home, and it was like we were doing it at my home church but not really.  I was all stressed, obviously.  It was like nothing had been done.  The reception place hadn’t been picked out nor the honeymoon destination.  We get to the church, and we’re in a small area where things had to be shifted around.  We get to the middle of the service and realize the unity candles are on the wrong side, and just sitting there like someone just got them out of the bag and left them.  The band is warming up to “Beverly Hills” by Weezer.  I finally pull Yvette out of the side swinging door and try to get her to calm me down.  I was apologizing to her for everything not going right, and not having some things we talked about…like worship music during the wedding.  But there are people there, so we are rushed back into the wedding.  The next thing I know, the wedding is over, and I’m standing around wondering what to do next.  We didn’t register at any stores, and we didn’t plan a reception at all.  My mom says that everyone must be going to the place up town where everyone else is going for their receptions.  Apparently when a lot of weddings happen on the same day, people just celebrate them together at this one place (in my dream of course).  But we didn’t know that nor want that.  I was upset that one of my best men never got back to me about the reception places, and found out he was driving to pick his girlfriend up and then head down to Florida.  All I remember after that was getting ready to go…  I was thinking, “How did it get her so fast?  How is it already December?”  Then I woke up, and thought, “I still have time!  I still have time!!”  (I really hope I wasn’t shouting this for real.  I’ll have to ask my roommate later.)

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