I’ve been using the Youth Specialies “Ideas Library” software for some time, and I wanted to share it with you who may not know there is something out there like it.  Many of you may already use Youth Specialties’ resources.  In fact, I can probably assume correctly that most of you own some of the Ideas Library books that contain lesson ideas, skits, activities, games, etc.  Did you know there is a computer program that houses all of these books in one easy-to-use location?  Check it out!  I currently have version 4.0 HD, which works on both PC and Mac.  I ordered mine from Amazon, but you can find it many different places (like ChristianBook.com).  It is definitely worth the price you will pay.  If you were to buy all the books separately, you could end up paying much more!  Also, the ability to search for exactly what you need is so easy and precise.  If you are like me and need help every once in a while to find a creative idea, I highly recommend this resource.

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