Tomorrow, I will be hopping aboard an airplane and heading to Lincoln, IL.  The main reason I am going is to attend my first pre-marital counseling session.  I am really looking forward to this.  Not only because of the counseling, but I believe it’ll be a good time for Yvette and I to get some much needed plans settled for the wedding.  It’ll also be a good time to hang out with a few friends whom I’ve not seen in a while.  I think God was showing His approval of this trip, too, because he showed me this today.


So, as I was driving home today (after stopping at Wal-Mart for some travel supplies) I saw 2 hot air balloons.  It was cool to see.  Mainly because after 6 or so years in Lincoln, IL, I got used to seeing hot air balloons in late August and early September for the annual “Art and Balloon Festival.”  Sure the skies weren’t covered with them, but it was a cool homage to my home for the past 6 years.

Please pray for my safety as I travel.  Thanks!


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