I was getting ready step on the plane in Bloomington (and fly back to Manchester by way of Detroit) when the man who was taking checked baggage started talking to me.  I had asked him if this was the correct flight (as I was the last one on the plane and was a little behind everyone else).  He told me it was and then informed me that he could spot a Northwest airplane anywhere anytime, but it would all change soon once they merge.  Apparently, according to him, it will be a good thing but it is tough nonetheless.  Mainly this change would involve a change of loyalty and ownership of a mission statement.  He asked me what I do, and when I told him I worked for a church, he let me know that he’s not worried.  He said that all things will soon pass away, just like this, but the Word of God will never fail.  Isn’t that so true?  No matter what changes come our way, amidst the hard times in life, we know that what we have in God will last forever.  All other things will be destroyed, but God’s love and promises will never fade.  What an amazing reminder from an unexpected place!  God is so good!!

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