After an amazing day at church, we had a great photo scavenger hunt with the students.  There were several new faces, too!  Then, I headed to the high school for a time of worship through music and listening to an evangelist/motivational speaker (former NBA star and Harlem Globetrotter, Marvin Adams).  He is so funny and so direct.  If you ever get the chance to hear him, I suggest you go.  Overall, it was a great day!  It seems like Youth Group is off to a good start, too.  I am depressed that I was not able to connect with as many students because they were off driving around with their team’s adult.  Also, I feel I disappointed several adults and students who are very competitive when I made harsh judgments on their team’s photos.  :-)  In the end, it was really cool to end it with a time of worship at the high school.  Melvin hit things right on the head, and the girl who ended the event with a prayer was so passionate about God moving that it caused me to think about myself.  As many of you know, I’m not that great at writing, especially “free-form” poetry.  As I tried to put something together, it never sounded right.  But please allow me to attempt to express my thoughts in another way.  I’ve tried to capture my conviction the best I can, even if it’s not very poetic.

What more can I do?  This is a question I’ve found myself asking a lot lately, especially when all the “traditional” ways of doing youth ministry aren’t working.  As I look around me, I see the many people, especially students, who are in deep need of Christ.  This need is not always known, because life seems good for them.  How do I reach them?  How do I stir our students to begin reaching their classmates and friends?  How do I impact all of these students and their families?  Then I’m reminded of how many nights I have not spent on my knees for these people, how many nights that I have stayed up late doing something other than lifting up these teens to Lord.  What more can I do?  In the end, nothing I can do will EVER make the impact that God can make.  What more can I do?  I can depend on Him more.  I can call on Him more.  I can talk to Him more.  I can ask for His help more.  I’m reminded I can only impact one life at a time, but I want to do so much more!  That is all God asks of me; to have the passion for many and the impact on one at a time.  What more can I do?  I can trust Him more to do the ministry that He wants to do through me.  I can truly open myself up to be used by Him.  I can stop filling my everyday life with junk that just takes away from the time I should commit to these students and to God.  What more can I do?  Nothing really…  And that is exactly where God wants me!


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