I just bought the Speedracer movie tonight, which came with a Mach 5 Hotwheels.  I really enjoyed the movie when I saw it in the iMax, so naturally, I was thrilled when it came out on DVD.  By coincidence, I was also able to find the Speedracer video game (for Wii) at the local Movie Scene.  Overall, it was a great evening.  I enjoyed both the game and watching the movie once again.  The only bad thing was that it just wasn’t the same watching it on a 27″ standard definition TV…but I guess I’ll get over it.  :-)  If you’re a fan of Speedracer or a fan of a good racing game, I’d recommend both!  The movie is quite colorful, and full of action, along with some great family times.  It’s definitely a great movie for both kids and adults!  It’s even got a bit of romance for you girls out there.  The game is straight-up racing fun with cool “car-fu” attacks.  It uses the Wii Remote sideways (or attached to the Wii Wheel).

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