I just wanted to remind everyone (18+ who live in the USA) to vote and pray today!  As I was standing in the booth today, before filling in my ballot, I was convicted to start praying.  I not only prayed once again for God to lead me in how to vote, but I also prayed for the future President.  No matter who wins in the end, I prayed that God would use that man to lead our country back to God — whether that is McCain, Obama, or whoever else.  God can use whomever He wants.  So let’s remember to do 2 things today – VOTE (once) and PRAY (often).  (Getting those confused would be a big problem!)

Just for fun, please feel free to say who you voted for in the poll below.

2 thoughts on “Vote and Pray 2008

  1. Hopefully whichever candidate will win. Ultimately, I guess, we have to support whichever candidate wins anyway.

  2. http://www.patrolmag.com/times/922/how-shall-we-then-vote


    I appreciate your call to prayer in your post. Most, if not all, of the Christian pleas for voting I have received have been blatant attacks and fear tactics. Thank you for your balance and knowing that whoever is elected, God’s will still gets done! I really liked the following article –

    Here is a sane letter from Wineskins’ senior editor, Greg Taylor:

    A call to pray for the election

    I’ve gotten one too many emails saying there’s only one way my prayers can be answered on November 4.

    Are you undecided? Confused and fatigued? Perhaps it’s because your conscience says this line of reasoning in the emails does not ring true. Not theologically. Not biblically true. Not politically true. Not true in our experience or historically. Not even true using basic horse sense.

    Why not rather pray for discernment, decisiveness, and humility, realizing that the person you vote for, if elected president, will make more world-changing decisions in one day than we’ll make in a lifetime?

    Yet, the future of our world does not rest on the shoulders of the elected president, much less a particular one.

    Your nerves may be shot but don’t get caught up in the polarizing crossfire. Pray for wisdom and God will give it to you. As foolish as email forwards are getting these last days before the election, this is a call to stop forwarding them and pray instead with an open heart for our nation and the world. Pray the Lord’s Prayer, that God’s will be done, not a party’s will be done. Below is a real live “forward to a friend” button to practice resisting the temptation. Don’t do it. Just read on.

    This week on the Writer’s Almanac, Garrison Keillor quoted John Adams, who said, “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

    Are we in danger of committing democra-cide?

    Isn’t it ironic that we are now trying to nurture democratic nations internationally while we rush headlong into the fire that burns with a white hot passionate hatred toward people different from us in our own nation? And we’re just talking about people in different parties, to say nothing of the other racial, religious, social ways we express disunity and hatred.

    How many times in the last few weeks have you uttered, “He’s an idiot” or “She’s an idiot” about a candidate or friend who emailed you a newly minted narrative to discredit a candidate? If we think we can barely live in a world led by the party we oppose, what does that say about our world view, what we trust in?

    This week, Newsweek’s Sally Quinn and Jon Meacham asked the question, “Is there a religious reason to vote for or against Obama or McCain?”

    Judging from the pile of desperate emails we’re getting, the answer is yes. And many on both sides of the aisle believe there are religious reasons to vote for one or the other party or candidate.

    I’m of the party of people who have grown exasperated at the notion that religion can only be expressed through one particular party. That doesn’t make me a Republican or Democrat. My conservative friends think I’m a Democrat. My liberal friends probably think I’m Republican.

    My voter card still says Independent. Maybe next time I get a card, I’ll ask if they can record “Christian” on my party affiliation. Because I’m a Christian who believes a particular political party or candidate is not the answer to my prayers.

    Shane Claiborne and more than 2000 years of Christian teaching is right. Jesus is our Messiah, not a political candidate. So perhaps we ought to write in Jesus for President this year. Perhaps not.

    No, Jesus told his disciples he didn’t come to be president. They trusted in political power, and we are just as guilty as they were about this.

    Our vote is for someone to protect and defend the constitution of our nation, to be a good leader and caretaker of what we think we own right now, not a Republican or Democratic or Independent Messiah.

    So this is a call to disable your email over the weekend, get some fresh air, sleep, read the Bible, pray, and when you go vote–one of the great rights we have in a democracy–go in the knowledge that God is sovereign, the king over all the earth.

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