Hey, everyone!  I wanted to update you on some wedding stuff.

  • Yvette and I finished our pre-marital counseling.  We did excellent on our personality and compatibility tests.  It looks like God definitely led us together!
  • Yvette flew back with me and is here in New Hampshire until Saturday.
  • We have found a caterer!  We will definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone looking.
  • We have our cake ordered.  We haven’t yet decided on the type of cake, but we know what style it will be and we have a baker.
  • We have finished registering at both Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond.  We will be going over our lists and finalizing them.  Soon, they will be posted on our website.
  • We have a good idea of how to decorate the church and reception area.  My family is working on putting things together.
  • We are working on flowers.  I think we have found someone to do them, but we had some complications with our original ideas.  This should be no problem to fix, though, because we do not plan on having a ton of flowers anyway.
  • We’re currently working on our song list for the ceremony and reception.
  • We still need to finalize our guest list, which will hopefully happen before Yvette leaves Saturday.  (It is tough to keep a wedding small when you have so many people you want to invite.)
  • We looked at some apartments, but hardly anyone/place is willing to rent out a place this far in advance, so I will have to go back closer to December.

Please continue to pray for our preparations.  It seems like everything is coming together very well!  We’re getting very excited!

Here are a couple photos from the airplane ride to and from Illinois this past week (click them to make them larger).


To view the entire album in Facebook, click here.

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