Ministry Update: Busy Days Ahead

I apologize for not blogging much. In the past several weeks, I have been a bit overwhelmed. Between mission trip fundraising/planning, getting ready for camp, and all other student ministry stuff this summer, I have been quite busy. It doesn't stop, though. We are almost finished with Camp Create at RCC. After that, I will … Continue reading Ministry Update: Busy Days Ahead

The Bridge Weekend Update 2-15-2009

I'm so proud of my students!  I'm also really excited about our new programs here at RCC.  We just split the middle school and high school up into two separate groups today called "The Path" and "The Bridge" respectively.  Two of our high school students have been collaborating on a video series we've called The … Continue reading The Bridge Weekend Update 2-15-2009

Quick Wedding Update (10-23-08)

Hey, everyone!  I wanted to update you on some wedding stuff. Yvette and I finished our pre-marital counseling.  We did excellent on our personality and compatibility tests.  It looks like God definitely led us together! Yvette flew back with me and is here in New Hampshire until Saturday. We have found a caterer!  We will … Continue reading Quick Wedding Update (10-23-08)

Random Update 10-6-08

Hey everyone.  I don't have one main thing to talk about -- just several smaller things. To start with, I would like to ask for your continued prayers for adult volunteers in the Student Ministry here at RCC.  Right now, we are struggling to find people who have the time (or make the time) to … Continue reading Random Update 10-6-08