I apologize for not blogging much. In the past several weeks, I have been a bit overwhelmed. Between mission trip fundraising/planning, getting ready for camp, and all other student ministry stuff this summer, I have been quite busy. It doesn’t stop, though. We are almost finished with Camp Create at RCC. After that, I will have about one week “off.” Then, I leave for Southern IL to speak and lead worship at a camp. This is particularly exciting for me, since I am taking two of our male students along! After that, I will have two days to rest before heading out on our mission trip to Puerto Rico. When I return, I will be gearing up for our middle school camping trip, high school Six Flags trip, recruiting adult leaders, and planning for our first-ever high school fall retreat.

Just the other day, someone from our church told me that I am “aging.” While I am not sure exactly what she meant (either that I am looking old or reminding me that I am not that young anymore), I still feel that God is with me, helping me all along. It is overwhelming at times, but I am enjoying it. Although, it would be nice to get some rest along the way. Thank you, God, for telling us to take a Sabbath! This weekend’s mini-vacation will be just what the doctor ordered.

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