This past week, I took two of our soon-to-be freshmen boys to IL with me to Southern IL Christian Service Camp for a 3rd/4th grade camp. I was there to teach, speak at missions time, and lead the worship/music team for what I think was my third year.

One of the highlights was not to speak about the “missions” work I do in New England, but to share the experience with the two boys. It was a great time to bond with them and do some mentoring! They did an excellent job both playing in the band and connecting with the campers.

The theme of the camp was “Heirs to the Kingdom.” We used Third Day’s song, “Children of God” as our theme song, and the kids loved it!! I hope to upload a snippet of audio of them singing the song at a later time. It was awesome!

I was also able to spend some much needed time with family and friends. I only wish it could have been a bit longer and that Yvette was with me. This is just another reason for you all to come visit me!!

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