For the past several years, Lazarus House Ministries, located in Lawrence, MA, has given out meals to the less fortunate during Thanksgiving.  They receive donations from local stores and rely upon many volunteers to organize and distribute the food.  It all goes down the day before Thanksgiving.  People unload trucks and organize the food into two rows in the parking lot of the local Catholic High School.  That evening, people  drive down the two rows of food where other volunteers load up the cars with food.  Then, the food is taken to local families who are in need.  I’m not sure how people get on this list, but I’m glad to be a part of helping more people have a good Thanksgiving meal.  Check out these two photos from this year’s distribution.

(Click the above photos for a larger view.)

The photo on the left shows the rows of food ready for distribution into the delivery vehicles.  The photo on the right is where I was all night, loading boxes of food into cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.  We had about 10 people or so from RCC come to help this year, including 5 high school students.  Please continue in prayer with me that people are blessed by this meal, and their eyes are opened to how much God loves them by providing in this way.

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