Yvette and I have been living together in New Hampshire for a total of 5 days so far.  It’s been great!  Two weeks into marriage as well!!  The only things I would change (if I could) is to make the weather A LOT warmer and to be able to unpack boxes A LOT faster.  So far, we’ve done a good job of getting our living room, kitchen, and bathroom almost done.  We’ve still got the two bedrooms left to do, though.  We’ve been advised to take it slow, but it’s so frustrating knowing your things are packed up and not easily accessible.  For those of you who did not know, I moved to this rental house only a week before heading out to IL for Christmas and the wedding.  So, I was not able to get much done before Yvette moved in this week.  Expect some updates on the house and life as a married couple soon.  I also get to see all the students tomorrow at church and youth group (weather permitting).  I’m really excited, as it has been 3 weeks since I’ve seen any of them.  It’s crazy how much I miss them!  Until next time, try to stay warm in this fridgedly cold weather!!

One thought on “Back in New Hampshire

  1. I’ve had to move a few times in the last 12 months and I hate it. Packing stinks and unpacking stinks almost just as much. I think that “loading” the truck is the worst though… unloading is easier, or so it seems.

    My fiance and I are here in VT… and yes the cold is horrible. I’m assuming that NH is just as bad since we are so close.

    We’re getting married in July so i’ll be interested to see your take on “married life”.

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