Well, it’s finally here — that time when people spend more time checking scores and betting in offices than ever before.  That’s right, it’s the NCAA March Madness.  While I’m not involved in the betting side of things, I am involved in a couple friendly bracket challenges over on Facebook (through CBS Sports).

Yes, I am a North Carolina Tar Heels fan!  Yes, I grew up in Illinois, and now I live in New Hampshire.  No, I am not an Illini fan nor a fan of Boston College.  You’re probably wondering how this all came about.  Well, it all started with a guy many of you may have heard of — Michael Jordan.  Along with being a fan of Jordan, I was also a HUGE Chicago Bulls fan (actually that’s the only IL team I was ever a big fan of).  Michael Jordan went to UNC, so therefore, when it came to me picking a favorite NCAA team when I was younger, I went straight to the Tar Heels.  I’ve been a fan ever since.  Granted, I’m not die-hard, watching every game, and knowing all the stats…but I am a fan.  Some years, I know more than others.

So, who do you follow?  Are you the type who jumps on the annual bandwaggon, or do you follow a team no matter what?  Please share.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, as we watch and await what is going to be another great March!


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