I’ve had a great last few weeks of ministry here at RCC!  Today was especially exciting.  After a great day of skiing yesterday with the middle school students, I got up a bit slower this morning.  However, it was totally worth it.

Today, at RCC, I was privileged to baptize 3 teenage boys who have submitted their lives to Christ.  It was a great experience for us to see the prayers and teachings of parents and youth leaders come to fruition.  To top it off, one of these boys’  father was also baptized today.  Tom was able to baptize this man along with 3 other adults.  This morning/afternoon was another time where God reminded me of what ministry is all about.  Please keep these students and adults in your prayers!

After this, we had three members of the hip-hop group, R.M.G., join us for our Student Ministry programs.  They shared some of their music and their amazing testimonies of God’s grace in their lives.  I believe they were really able to connect with some of our students, which was awesome!  It was also the first time I had ever ran sound for rappers.  That was quite a learning experience.

This evening, Yvette and I have been relaxing with a friend who has been visiting us this weekend.  It is nice to finally sit back and rest a bit…remembering how God has been moving lately.  I pray that He continues to do so, showing me ways I can partner with Him in this great work!

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