President Barack Obama Visits Maryland Grade School

I decided, after reading a blog post on (It’s actually not a bad site) about making sure we tell true stories about God in order to get our point across — we don’t have to make them up or fabricate them.  While I totally agree with the point of the article, I couldn’t help notice the two negative examples they used were used for a “Put Religion Back in School” campaign.  After some thought, I began typing…  Here’s my response.  I’d love to know what you think.

I wonder if we should be putting “religion” back in schools. I personally do not believe Christianity is a religion, as it is more of a lifestyle change…a relationship in fact.  Many people believe that we should put Christ back into the school system. Honestly, when did He leave?  I believe my Lord has been there all along.  Maybe He has not been as active as we would have liked at times, but He is there.  He is there when a group of students pray around the flagpole before school.  He is there when a child reaches out to another who is always made fun of.  He is there when a science teacher decides to not teach about evolution as a fact, but instead one of the many theories.  He is there when students decide to perform a Christian song in their talent show.  He is there when a student prays before his/her test, hoping he/she will do well.  He is there when another student prays for a friend, and then finds one in sometimes unexpected places.  Are you really willing to say that God and Christ are not in our schools?  I beg to differ.  I think what many people want is it to be taught again.  Truthfully, I’m not sure I want a non-Christian teaching my child about the Bible or God.  There is no possible way that schools will start hiring only Christians, as that is discrimination.  So, instead of allowing so-called “religion” back into schools, I say that we need to embrace the fact that God NEVER left the schools…  We just chose to start ignoring Him.

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