Recently, we at RCC have found ourselves having some “good problems.” What? How can that happen? Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Well, let me explain.  First of all, we have been getting closer to the 300-mark in church on Sunday morning.  In fact, last week, we went over 300.  The problem is that we are struggling to find chairs for people. The solution? We buy more chairs for the classrooms so that those chairs can move to the worship center.

Another problem lies with the youth group.  We have increased our average from around 20-25 last year to around 35 this year.  Along with that, we have more students interested in the trips.  However, we still do not have a church vehicle.  While it was not that difficult to find drivers and people to loan their vehicles for a small group…it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them now.  For instance, we have over 20 students going on our upcoming winter retreat.  That would require at least 6 cars or 4-5 vans after you consider their luggage.  While people in the church are generous, it is tough to find that many who can spare some time or a vehicle for that long.

I say all this not because I am upset or angry…but more because I am thrilled that these are the types of problems we have.  God is opening some doors for us to reach more people lately, and I thank Him for that opportunity!  However, with that comes some things we have to figure out.  Would you pray for us as we consider the possibilities and seek God’s wisdom in our growth? Thanks!

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