What a great weekend! On February 12, we left RCC with 20 students, 5 adults, and 3 vehicles.  One student had to go home on Saturday morning due to sickness, so we were left with 24 total people at Deep Freeze 2010.  This winter retreat at Camp Berea (Hebron, NH) is a great opportunity for students and adults to get away for a weekend and to focus on God and each other.  The weekend involved music, snow-tubing, paintball, teaching, rock climbing, snow shoeing, small group discussions, and wacky-ball…among many other activities.  In the end, we had 14 students who made significant decisions for Christ — whether that be accepting Christ for the first time or coming back to Him after some time doing their own thing.  We even had a couple make even deeper commitments to God and reaching out to others in His name!

I believe that I am truly blessed to be a part of this ministry at RCC.  We’ve got some amazing teenagers and some awesome adult leaders!  It is obvious that even things like cold weather and sickness does not stop God from working.  While we left with a group of people looking to have a great time, we returned on Sunday with so much more — a group of people on fire for Christ and what He wants to do through us!  Please continue to pray for these students as they go back to school, work, and their families.  Pray that they will stay strong for Jesus, no matter what comes their way.

[Also posted on RCCStudents.com.]

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