Just over a week ago, one of our high school students tells me that I have to see this movie.  I had been receiving emails and publicity about it for quite some time, but I hadn’t actually gotten around to watching it.  On this past Saturday, Yvette and I drove to a local theater for our weekly date night.  While we did have a great evening, part of the reason was because of this movie.  Not only did we find it entertaining, but it also generated some great conversations.  I’m not much of a movie reviewer, so I will not go into depth here, but I will recommend all parents to take their teenage children to see this movie.  It does a great job of depicting youth culture, especially high school students. Some might find it stretches the truth, but I believe it is probably closer to the truth than people would like to believe.  As a Christian movie, it is odd that it is rated PG-13 and involves some language and one short sexually-related scene (no nudity), but I guess that is what makes it more real.

As I stated earlier, I’d recommend parents taking their teens to see this.  I will be looking into some options of utilizing this within our youth group as well.  Right now, I’m thinking of having a movie-night after it comes out on DVD, asking both parents and students to watch and discuss it.  If you’ve had any experience with curriculum based on the movie, please let me know. Also, if you have any thoughts on how the movie can/should be used in youth ministry, please share in the comments.

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