Even though we have had it back for almost a week now, I forgot to tell all of you out there in internet land about it.  So, the other guy’s insurance paid for everything!  And the body shop (Salem Ford) was great.  The guy I talked with was very kind too.  He even painted the other side of the car, which had some flaking, for pretty cheap.  The only problem I have now is that the door seems to be catching on the ground effects a bit, but the passenger side has always done that.  I am planning on going back soon, to see if they can fix it, but the car is basically back and looking great.  The only negative about having the 2 sides painted is that the front and back look more scratched now in comparison. Ha!  Oh well…

Please continue to pray for our future car situation, as we decide if it would be wise for us to invest in another car (mainly for Yvette as she comutes for work). As of now, she drops me off, and then picks me up after work.  Hopefully soon, I can get my scooter up and running again, and I can ride that on the days with good weather.

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