Since I have moved out to NH, my car has gotten hit 3 times — all in parking lots. The latest was last night, while the car was sitting in the church parking lot.  I was inside, and a guy came in, letting me know that his co-worker had it my car and left his phone number.  The guy was really upset, but I let him know it was ok.  While there was a large dent in the car, it was still drivable, and I knew that we obviously were not at fault.  After some phone calls, we will be getting the car fixed soon, and his insurance is paying 100%.

Please pray for the mechanics that work on the car, and pray that it will be ok in the end.  I know how damage can sometimes prevent the car from ever being the same again.  Even though his insurance guarantees the work (if done at one of their chosen body shops), it is still something I would like done right the first time.  I will also be asking them if they can go ahead and paint the entire car, as it REALLY needs it anyway.  Pray that it is not too much more, as we do not have a ton of money to spend on a vehicle.  At the same time, Yvette and I are still praying for guidance on our single-car situation. With the warm/dry weather coming eventually, my scooter should get me around in town, but it would still be nice to have a 2nd vehicle with Yvette working out of town.

2 thoughts on “Car Issues

  1. My take? At least the guy was up front about it. I’ve been hit in parking lots before (my own DRIVEWAY before) without anyone fessing up, and it’s annoying. So, at least you have a nice honest perpetrator on your hands. :)

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