This past Sunday, I had the privilege of filling in for our lead minister, Tom Gerdts while he was out of town, visiting his daughter in Turkey.  Now, it is over, and I am very relieved.  Not because it was a horrible experience or anything.  It is just that I get a little bit nervous every time I preach in front of the entire church.  Teenagers are one thing, but adults are different.  Anyhow, the message is now posted online, and you can feel free to listen using the player on the RCC website (or subscribe on iTunes).  The teaching was on James 1:19-27, where we learn to not only listen to the Word of God, but to also put it into practice.  I had a great time doing research and learning more about this Scripture, and I think that came across in my presentation.  Probably the strangest thing about the morning was that I went much longer than I had intended.  When I practiced on Friday and Saturday, I was running at 15-18 minutes.  When it was all said and done on Sunday, I clocked in closer to 26 minutes.  Fortunately, that was not a problem, and we were still able to end the entire morning on time.  Anyways, feel free to have a listen, and I hope you are blessed.  I know I was as I prepared and as God spoke to me.

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