Earlier today, my wife locked the keys in the car. The only way I had to get to her was by scooter, our only other mode of transportation. It was about a 10 mile drive. The drive there wasn’t bad, but on the way back, I had quite the experience. Several people wanted to pass me when I started slowing down when going up hills. One particular car passed me in a no-passing zone, almost hitting oncoming traffic and nearly pushing me off the road. I was upset, but I obviously let it go, thinking they were just impatient or something. Then I meet up with the same car at a traffic light. As soon as the light goes green, they quickly speed up and cut me off…only to eventually cut back over to their original lane. At this time, I just assumed it was some younger guy thinking he was cool or something. Much to my surprise, at that next traffic light, I look over and it is a lady around her mid-50’s and all alone. I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess that just goes to show you… Bad drivers come in all ages and genders.

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