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Lately, I have realized that it has been a while since I have really dove into a book.  I have started many books and usually read more than half of them, but it has been a while since I have read one cover to cover. The last book I actually finished was The Slow Fade. It was great, and I highly recommend it to anyone working in youth, student, or college ministries. Nonetheless, my mind is telling me that I should be reading more, and my heart is telling me that I should be finishing more.

I do want to read Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader again before the movie comes out in December. My wife and I will probably read that together. I also have been given Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. Not because I am going to be a parent anytime soon, but because this is a book many of our parents at RCC are going to be reading. There are so many other books out there, though, and I just do not feel like I have time to read them all. That is one reason I like movies so much. I can sit down and finish it at around 2 hours, but a book takes quite a bit longer.

So, going back to the topic of this blog post. What are you reading? Is there a book you really enjoyed that you would recommend to me or others reading this? Feel free to share both fiction and non-fiction, as I am a fan of both. I believe we need to read about real stuff, but we also need entertainment and things that stimulate our imaginations. Please share in the comments. I am excited to hear what you are reading.

One thought on “What are you reading?

  1. Well, you asked for it. Here are the books I am currently reading in no particular order:
    1. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
    2. Columbanus: The Earliest Voice of Christian Ireland by Kate Tristram
    3. On God and Christ: The Five Theological Orations and Two Letters to Cledonius by St. Gregory Nazianzen
    4. Treatises on Penance: On Penitence and On Purity by Tertullian
    5. Creeds, Councils and Controversies : Documents Illustrating the History of the Church Ad 337-461 edited by W. H. C. Frend
    6. A New Eusebius edited by Frend
    7. Rise of Christianity by Frend
    8. The Trinity by St. Augustine

    And the book I most recently finished was the Sancti Columbani Opera (Works of St. Columbanus) by Columbanus. I would recommend each of these works to followers of Christ for various reasons.

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