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Rockingham Christian Church, where I serve, has quickly become more and more “orange.” By that, I mean that we are doing our best to combine the efforts of the family (red = heart) and the church (yellow = light). In this, it has been on my mind to reach out to parents even more. So, to other youth ministers, I ask, what are you doing to promote “God-time” at home? How are you helping parents talk with their children about faith and Jesus away from church?

I recently read a blog post by Cara Martens on Orange Leaders. She states that, according to recent research, “parents are spending more time interacting with their kids now than generations before.” The study sates it has grown from 3-10 hours in 1965 to 9.6-21.2 hours today. This actually surprised me. Nonetheless, if it is true, it is also sad. The reason is because much of that time is not spent on spiritual matters. “Very little time is spent on religious activity as a family if you compare with bigger categories like sleeping, eating, traveling and watching TV or movies.”

At RCC, we have started a “Parent Group” that meets once a month. It is our latest effort in helping parents take it home. The parents will join the students in worship, and then join a group discussion. This group is designed specifically to help parents understand what their children are learning at youth group and how to take that home throughout the week. Sure, there is much more we can do, but this is our latest effort.

So, youth ministers….what are you doing to help parents prioritize God-time at home?


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