I realized that I have not done one of my quick overviews of how my live is going lately…so here it is for all of my friends and family members who have been wondering about us.

Yvette and I have moved about 3 miles from where we used to live. We are getting to know our neighbors and landlord very well. We are still in Salem, but we are now closer to the center of town. We have more space, which means more room for storage AND more room for visitors. Seriously! Come visit us!!

Yvette is enjoying her new job as a supported employment specialist. She has been helping adults find employment or go back to school. It is rewarding, but as any job in the social service field, it is also taxing at times. Nonetheless, she is able to use both her writing and counseling backgrounds, which is a huge bonus. It is a full-time job, which is helpful, but it keeps her busy.

Things around RCC are great. We have been steadily growing in attendance. Even at youth group, we haven’t had too many weeks where we didn’t have at least one visitor. The students are awesome, and I am loving every minute I get to work with them. I’ve also been blessed by an amazing volunteer team, who loves the students as much as I do.

I have also been busy with video game stuff. I’ve received lots of review copies lately, and it seems harder and harder to keep up. It is a tough road to walk between playing games for fun and actually “working” when playing them. All in all, it really is a blessing. I thank God for the opportunities He has given me to meet new people and be entertained all at the same time.

Well, I think that is it for now. If you have any more specific questions on how things are going, I urge you to do one of 2 things. You can come visit and see for yourself…or you can ask me (email, phone, facebook, twitter, etc). I would love to hear from you!

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