I have to be honest. If you know Yvette, there is no reason for you to keep on reading. By knowing her, you know exactly why I love her, because you probably do too. For those who do not know her that well, let me take a moment to capture a bit of why I believe I am one of the most blessed men on earth. And for the sake of overwhelming you with a huge sappy blog post, I’ll keep it in list format. So, here we go, 14 reasons for February 14, 2011.

  1. The way she is completely in love with God, more than she is in love with me.
  2. The way we partner together in ministry.
  3. The way she interacts and cares for the teenage girls in our youth group.
  4. The way she is kind and loving to everyone, even when it is not the easiest thing to do.
  5. The way she takes care of me when I am sick (and even when I am not sick).
  6. The way we have so much fun together and often distract each other from being productive.
  7. The way she loves animals. It is so cute.
  8. The way that money does not matter to her when there is a person in need.
  9. The way she looks. Seriously, she is HOT!
  10. The way she cares about keeping in touch with old friends, even when it is difficult.
  11. The way she listens to me ramble about video games, technology, or sports even when she does not understand half of it.
  12. The way that she reminds me to take a break when I start to overdo it in life and ministry. She keeps me grounded.
  13. The way that she cooks…and that she wants to get better. That might not be good for my figure, though.
  14. The way that she loves me!

2 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

  1. This is so SWEET!!!! <3 I'm so blessed to have you as my husband!!! I will definitely print this list and put it in a place where I can read it every day!!! Thanks for making me feel so loved all the time!!! I love you!!!

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