The 2011 Orange Conference is now behind us all. If you were there or just kept up with all my blog posts, you know there was a ton of information. Often, one will be overloaded after a conference like this, wondering what to do first. I know I was like that last year, and I tried to take steps to prevent that as much as possible this year.

It actually helped me by blogging about all the workshops and main sessions. I also tried to keep a notebook handy at all times to write down specific take-aways. Similar to last year, I thought I would fill you in on some of the steps I plan to take in the next few months because of my experience at Orange 2011. This is not only for me to share, but it is also a bit of open accountability.

  • I am going to either start or join an existing networking team of other youth leaders in my community. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I have never fully committed.
  • I am going to get more involved in the schools. Specifically, I am going to schedule a meeting with the principals of the middle and high schools to let them know who I am.
  • I am going to try to be a better leader of leaders. I am going to begin to focus more attention on our adult youth leaders and our high school student leadership teams. I want them to succeed!
  • I am going to create more volunteer positions that vary in commitment level. I know that everyone will not be able to commit to lead a small group, but they might be willing to do something else.
  • I am going to set a better example for everyone as I lead the student ministries of RCC.
Sure, some of these are pretty big goals, but with God’s help, I know they can happen. Please pray for me when you think of me.

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