As I have stated before, Yvette and I will join nine high school students and three other adults from our church for a mission trip to Arecibo, Puerto Rico, from July 17-23. This is a very exciting time for us and our church, since it is our first mission trip outside the United States.

However, we still need some help. We need $1,000 per person to go, and while many are really close, others are not. Specifically, we are asking that our family and friends pitch in to help make this trip happen. You have been there many other times for God (and us), and we ask the same this time. Yvette and I are committing $200 of our own money to get there, but we need God, working through you, to help us come up with the rest. Also, we have several students who do not have the resources/connections that we do. Please pray and act accordingly.

I also want to ask that you commit to praying for us before, during, and after our trip. Pray for our safety and for the work we are doing in Puerto Rico.

This is a locator map showing Arecibo in Puert...
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If you feel led to help our fundraising efforts, you can send a check and a commitment card (click here for the card) to the following address:

Rockingham Christian Church
5 Industrial Way, Unit #2
Salem, NH 03079

You can also contribute online through our “Chip In” page.

(Don’t let the gauge throw you off; it only shows what has come in via Chip In.)

If you would like more information about our trip, including photos and videos during and after the trip, be sure to check out our mission trip page on the RCC student ministry website (


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