Today marks the opening of registration for The Orange Conference 2012. Many of you might be wondering why I am pushing this conference so much on here. Well, here you go…

If you are like me, it is easy to get in a ministry rut. Days go by, and you continue doing ministry the same way you have been doing it. Occasionally, something will come along to challenge you, but you typically stay the same. The Orange Conference, for me, is all about confronting myself. I get to sit at the feet of many who have walked before me and gain from their God-given wisdom. At the same time, I get to rub shoulders with others who are doing ministry. We get to talk and figure out what is working and not working in their setting. These times open my mind to the much larger world out there and how we can better reach them for Christ.

The Orange Conference is also a time of encouragement. Ministry can get tough, and often times, you may feel like you are alone. There is nothing like spending a week with others who are as passionate, or more, than you about ministry to children, youth, and families. On top of that, the speakers and workshop leaders are there to pour into you as a leader. Quite often, they are available to talk more after they finish their session, just because they want to encourage and equip others.

Last, but not least, Orange is FUN! You will laugh so much as some of the main session speakers. As I stated earlier, you get to meet other ministry leaders from all over the world. (Last year, I met a really cool guy from Hawaii.) You will join together in awesome musical worship during main sessions. Speaking of music, the bands are fantastic! For those in student ministry, there is typically a party on one of the evenings (the last two years have been at Dave & Busters). In addition to all of that, if you bring your team, it is a great time to bond together and enjoy some time away.

So, why go to Orange 2012? Really, the question should be, “why not?”

To find out more or register, head to

Full disclosure: If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am an official blogger for The Orange Conference.

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