Although, it doesn’t look all organized yet, we are in our new place. Officially, we have about one car-load of stuff to still bring over, but we are practically done.

For those keeping track, yes, this is my seventh move in seven years. I have learned a lot over those seven moves. One thing is that I strongly dislike moving stuff. Every time I pack up, I am reminded of all the material things we accumulate over time. Sure, I like my video games, books, and movies, but I do not like moving the boxes. I do like that our digital world is helping us not amass as many packaged discs or books, but I still have all the ones from before. On top of that, I start to think about how much of it I really NEED in my life. Could I survive with a little less stuff? Yes, I can. And while I try to get rid of much of it as I unload boxes this next week, I wonder if I can bless someone else. Speaking of which, if you are mine or Yvette’s size, we might have some clothes for you soon.

Aside from all of the philosophical side of moving, we would like to extend (again) an invitation to come see our place and hang out for a bit. This goes for everyone, but especially those friends and family who are many many miles away. Let me know when we can make this happen! We would love to show you around and give you a sneak peak at what God is doing in this part of the country!!

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