Over the past few years here at RCC, I’ve often asked myself what we can do for students who are ready to dive deeper into the Bible. Many times, we recommend that they go through a specific devotional or something, but I also knew they were missing something in the form of studying the Bible together. This summer, God placed the idea of hosting some Bible studies for high school students. Two weeks ago, we started one on the Book of James, and it is going very well. It has been great to dive into the Bible together, walking through it and discussing it along the way.

What I did not expect, though, was how much I would enjoy preparing for each week’s discussion. It has reignited a fire in me that I had not really paid attention to lately. While in college/seminary, I loved studying the Bible, but I had strayed away as of the last couple years. Sure, I read it, but I had not be really diving in as much as I could. I thank God for knowing this ahead of time — that this group was not only going to benefit the students, but it was going to help me as well. That’s so awesome when He does that!

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