As we round out this “Orange Week,” I wanted to share more of my experiences. Between the two years of OC, I have went with a team, and I have gone as the only one from my church. Both were great experiences in their own right, and I could argue both sides. Today, though, I wanted to share some reasons why I think you should bring your team along.

First, it is just more fun! You can carpool, share hotel rooms, and always have a group of people to hang out with. Let’s face it. It is sometimes scary to go to a conference by yourself, especially when you know no one else. If you bring your team, you are always guaranteed to have a friend around.

Second, you can immediately share ideas. One of the most difficult things I face when going alone to a conference is trying to take all the notes I can, remember all the ideas I got, and then try to flesh them out in my own words when I get home. If your team comes along, that problem is eliminated. Even better, you can instantly discuss what you each learned, multiplying the effects of each main session and workshop.

Finally, you can share expenses. With the way our economy is today, it is tough for some people to even find enough extra cash for a cheeseburger. If you bring your team along, you can split the costs of things like rental cars and hotel bills. If you bring a big enough group (15 or more), you can even get a discount on your OC registration.

See… It is definitely worth it to bring your team along with you to the Orange Conference!

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