I just finished talking to one of the ladies in our church about my upcoming speaking engagements. Specifically, I’ll be talking about Nehemiah at WorkcampNE this year. It is something I felt God calling me to do, but I have to admit that I am still a bit nervous. I guess that is a good place to be, because it helps me rely upon God and not myself.

Anyhow, we began talking about the fires and all the other bad things that have been happening recently in our world. We talked about how Jesus stated we are in the “end times,” and how the Bible points to a lot of bad things happening just before Jesus comes back. Now, I do not want to claim Jesus is coming on any specific date, nor do I want to claim the negative things around us are directly related to a coming Judgement Day — that is a discussion for another day. What I DO want to talk about is how we should be living our lives if we truly believe Jesus is coming back anytime.

Our RCC family ministry team follows quite a bit of the Orange philosophies, and one of them is for parents — to parent with the end in mind. I would like to take that idea and apply it to us all. I think that if we truly believe Jesus could come back any day, then we need to begin living with the end in mind. I know this thought is not original with me, but I can’t held but wonder how our lives would be different if we acted like every day could be our last. How many people would we try to point to Jesus if we believed He could come back at any second? How many things would we stop worrying about if we realized that it does not really matter in the end? What petty arguments or silly social thing would we forget about if we lived with the end in mind? Just a thought…

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