This past weekend, I flew to St. Louis, and then drove to southern Illinois (actually, I just rode along) for a chance to speak and play music at Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp. This was the fourth time I have made this trip, and it seems to get better every year. In addition to working alongside some people from my home church, I get the opportunity to share about all the great things God is doing in New England. The only tough thing is that there is not enough time. I felt like I was just getting into things with the campers before I had to leave.

One of the great things that happened this year was that the campers, who were going into 3-5th grade, really got into hearing about the ministry. In particular, it seemed that RCC’s Camp Create really had an impact on them. I even had one camper come up to me after one session to ask how he and his family can continue to financially support what we do. The tough thing was that I could not give him an answer, because we are still working on the best way to incorporate online giving on our website with the least amount of problems and fees. Nonetheless, it was awesome to hear a fourth grader who was starting to get it! Praise God for that!!

One more thing… The theme for the week was “Shine Like Stars” with The Muppets being the underlying theme for decorations, illustrations, and team names. The final night, my cousin and I decided to have a little fun and performed “Man or Muppet.” I know it isn’t perfect (we apologize), but we had fun. Enjoy the recording below…

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